Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More NC-17 Movies!

MPAA Chief Wants More NC-17 Films
MPAA chief Dan Glickman is encouraging independent filmmakers to make more films that would earn them an NC-17 rating. According to Daily Variety, Glickman acknowledged that producers often face a stone wall erected by exhibitors to keep out NC-17 films. He said he plans to meet with theater owners to persuade them to drop the barrier. "It's one of our ratings, and I'd like to see it used more," he said.

from IMDB

An NC-17 rating has long been considered the death of a film, killing it's business by limiting the audience market. But I agree with Glickman - if the rating exists, why not use it? If more studios and theater chains promoted films carrying the rating - and the films were good - I'm sure the business end would work out. This news comes days after Glickman announced that the MPAA was going to re-evaluate and re-adjust the current ratings system (though he claims the doc This Film is Not Yet Rated had nothing to do with it), which is also good news. The ratings system does need a serious revamping; here's to hoping Glickman can handle it better than Valenti.

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