Saturday, February 10, 2007

Revisit: Dorian Gray

An American International Pictures release 1970

Directed by
Massimo Dallamano

Writing credits:
Marcello Coscia
Massimo Dallamano
Günter Ebert
Oscar Wilde (novel)

A modernized version of Oscar Wilde's classic novel in which a corrupt young man somehow remains eternally youthful, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.

Director Massimo Dallamano was the cinematographer on Sergio Leone's first two installments of the Man with No Name triology - A Fistfull of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More. You can tell almost right away that it's a low-budget 70's Italian picture; awful dubbing, low contrast film, a lack of logic in the script. Literally, the movie makes no sense. From what I hear, the actually story of Dorian Gray gets brutalized by this film. Also, it's a soft-core porn. It's kind of a mess. An obscure mess. That picture up there is from a completely different version; apparently Dorian Gray has been put on film like 15 times. Who knew? Fun, in a fucking awful sort of way.

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