Thursday, February 15, 2007

Revist: Coal Miner's Daughter

A Universal Pictures release 1980

Directed by
Michael Apted

Writing credits:
Loretta Lynn (autobiography)
George Vecsey (autobiography)
Tom Rickman (screenplay)

At only thirteen years of age, Loretta Webb (Sissy Spacek) marries Doolittle Lynn (Tommy Lee Jones) and soon becomes country sensation Loretta Lynn.

Over two decades before Ray, Coal Miner's Daughter presents the same tride and true Oscar-baiting form of musical biopic, only this time it's a country star. These movies never go out of style, apparently; never have and never will. Nominated for six Oscars, with one win for Sissy Spacek as Mrs. Lynn, Coal Miner's Daughter is exactly what you expect from Hollywood. Sure the performances are great, and it's cool that they sang their own songs, but haven't I seen this before? Thanks for making the template for a ton of crap films, Apted. I guess you get some credit for being first.

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